A strategic position at an altitude of 956 m, the Hartmannswillerkopf was the scene of furious battles which raged from 26 December 1914 to 9 January 1916. As one of the four national monuments to World War I, the Crypt has undergone major restoration work and the battlefield can today be discovered thanks to the displays.

The first Franco-German war museum for the World War I is opening on August 3rd 2017, with the first stones being laid on 3 August 2014 by the French and German presidents.

Featuring a highly original design with analmond or leaf shape, the building blends in seamlessly with the natural forest environment. A symbol of peace and reconciliation, this future war museum or "Historial" has a moving message for us all and will be a multifaceted facility fulfilling several roles including those of a historical, memorial and educational nature.
It will provide an explanation of World War I in the auditorium in addition to presenting maps and information about the belligerents worldwide and the regional flashpoints, the mountain war, the life experienced by a typical soldier, civilian life behind the front, an "archaeological trench" including objects from the site, ending with a visit to a memorial area featuring the theme of "From confrontation to cooperation".


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